Our story

The SeaChange Agency was originally hatched as kurmalliance in response to the debacle that was the great gulf oil spill of 2010. 

On June 22 of that year, news leaked that endangered juvenile sea turtles were being caught in oil collection booms, and burned alive! 

After watching in horror as a gazillion gallons of greed and corruption were spewed into our beloved mother ocean, this was the straw that broke the turtles back. We rallied the troops and dove in; traveled to the gulf, and organized an offshore rescue effort to save sea turtles. 

In turn, we made it our mission to assist in the collection of the scientific data needed to hold BP accountable for the greatest environmental catastrophe of our time.

So, what does it take to activate an activist? For us, the recipe was simple…  Take two parts crude oil, plus extremely endangered sea turtle populations, baste them in oil,  add fire, & …voila!  Ignite the agency, ignite SeaChange! And small group activism.  

What’s your recipe?  

We aspire to awaken your hunger to rise to the threats that face the ocean; the soul and lifeforce of our planet. The Revolution is calling your name. We need all hands on deck! We believe in direct action. 


And we hope you will join us.


Why kurma

in ancient Indian mythology and spiritual tradition, god came to earth several times in worldly form. 

These embodiments of God are called avatars. Kurma is the sea turtle avatar! 

Once upon a time, oh so long ago, the earth was in a state of disrepair, and a world of hurt. The forces of good and evil were battling each other in a quest for the essence of life, an elixir of immortality called amrita, which could only be churned from the ocean, as a frothy milk. 

Try as they might, the people of the world could not discern how to harness enough power to churn the seas. Kurma showed up to help. He swam to the bottom of the ocean, placed a giant mountain atop his back, and began to spin in circles. This centrifugal force was the perfect churn to extract the Amrita from the ocean. 

Thankfully, it ended up in good hands, and the balance of earth was restored. The sea turtle saved the planet, and humanity, for the first time. Humanity will be saved again… if we act, and do all the things necessary to save the sea turtles.